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Just a Few Taps to Get Low Tech Communication Board in Avaz AAC

With Avaz app, there’s no need to scroll through pages to take screenshot after screenshot to print your vocabulary. Getting a low tech communication board of an AAC learner’s vocabulary is simply effortless. Read on to find out how.

A robust AAC system allows autonomous communication. But we cannot underestimate the value that a low tech AAC system brings. Sure, low tech may not be fancy enough compared to high tech systems where editing vocabulary and changing symbols are all done in no time at all.  But guess what comes to the rescue when your electronic AAC system decides to act up? The always reliable low tech which delivers on its promise every time without fail. 

augmentative and alternative communication board

AAC Everywhere

Communication happens anywhere, anytime. So, it goes without saying that a communicator should have access to some mode of communication all the time.

Carrying an iPad with its bulky case everywhere may not be feasible for younger children with complex communication needs. Devices can run out of charge or malfunction any time. Moreover, electronic AAC systems cannot be used in demanding physical environments such as a swimming pool.

So, it’s a good idea to keep laminated low tech boards wherever you can  –

  • Around the house
  • In the class room
  • In the car
  • In your purse
  • In your key chain
  • In the communicator’s pocket/ clothes/ bracelet

Ensuring access to communication all the time allows the communicator to participate in activities that their peers are part of and encourages them to communicate more.

Make an Avaz Book

Now that we have established it’s important to have low-tech AAC as a backup or to ensure constant access to communication, let’s see how to get that with Avaz AAC app.

Say, you want a low tech board for an emergent communicator who is really motivated by food. Having AAC boards in the kitchen and at the dining table can motivate them to request favourite their food using AAC.

Make an Avaz book of the personalized folder that has food items that are of high interest to the communicator. You can also print a customized food communication board with vocabulary that the communicator is already familiar with.


  1. Go to the Folder that you want to be printed (if you want the entire content go to Home /  appropriate level of vocabulary)
  1. Tap the Edit button to enter Edit mode.
  2. Tap the icon with 3 dots (…) at the right bottom of the navigation panel
  3. Tap the Create Avaz Book option. This creates and displays the Avaz book within a few seconds
  1. You have the option of either mailing it or saving it (Note that this option is available only for paid / subscribed versions and not in the free trial version.)

Mail – You can mail it, by tapping the mail icon (on the top bar) in the Avaz Book display window.

Save – you can save it in iBooks / Kindle, by tapping on the 1st icon in top bar, in the Avaz book display window.

Once the Avaz book is saved on your device, you can print it like how you print any other documents from your device.

Note that it is possible to convert the entire Avaz vocabulary or a specific folder (and its subfolders and messages) or even a page, to the Avaz book. 

Here’s how to get low tech communication board of Avaz vocabulary in Avaz India Android app:

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