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Become an Avaz Certified Educator!


Join ACE course today
– To integrate AAC and Avaz into your classrooms

Avaz Inc. presents ‘Avaz Certified Educator‘ (ACE) Course, an online certification course specially designed for Special Educators, targeted for successful AAC implementation in schools and classrooms.

Avaz has been at the forefront of introducing Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems in the country with more than 12 years of experience in the field of assistive technology.

Enroll now and support the communication and literacy of individuals with speech and language difficulties by becoming an Avaz Certified Educator!

Why Become an Avaz AAC Certified Educator?

Hands-On Instruction

Implementation Ideas with examples and practical demonstrations

Avaz Training

Demo of key features of Avaz and how to set it up & personalize for the child’s individual needs with Live Q&A

Free Avaz License

Participants with full attendance and a score of above 80% on all quizzes get a free Annual Avaz subscription worth Rs.3000

Connect with Users

Gain more visibility by getting listed on our webpage. Certified AAC Educators and schools contact will be shared with all Avaz users on app download.

About the Course

Start Date

27 May 2024 (Mon)

(Module 1 content will be shared)

2 Live Sessions (Attendance Mandatory)

Session 1 : 31 May(Fri)

Session 2 : 07 Jun(Fri)

Time : 12 – 1 pm IST for both sessions

End Date

15 Jun 2024 (Fri)

Total Duration

6 hours online content (2 modules in 2 weeks)

Each module has

A. 2.5-hours Recorded videos with specially curated AAC content by Anjana Sathyabodha, Speech Language Pathologist

B. 1-hour Live sessions led by an expert Speech Therapist
(via Zoom)

C. 2 Quizzes after each module
D. 1 Assignment at the end of the course

Course Fee

  • INR 9,999 (until 26 May)
  • Early Bird Offer:
    INR 5999 only till 22 May 2024
  • Bulk booking as a group of 5+ professionals – additional 5% discount 

Call us at +91-6379905790 for more details

  • Avaz Certified Educator (ACE) will be awarded on successful completion of the course .
  • Requirements for certification:
    • Completion of a quiz with above 80% marks
    • Completion of Avaz assignment given at the end of the course
    • Attendance is mandatory for all Live Q&A Sessions (except for unavoidable emergencies)

Quiz and Assignment

  • An online quiz after each module to be taken within 24 hours of completion of the module, and before the start of the next module
  • If participant does not achieve minimum marks for qualifying, they can re-take the quiz after a minimum of 48 hours`
  • The recorded sessions will be available for the participant to view again if required, through the duration of the course.

If you are passionate about teaching communication and literacy to your students through adoption of world class assistive technology, this course is for you. Eligible participants include, but not limited to the following professionals.
(Please note that professionals new to Avaz and AAC are welcome to enroll)

Qualifying Criteria for participation

Requires a Minimum of any Degree or diploma holder:

  • Special Educator
  • ABA/RBT therapist
  • Social workers
  • Founders of Educational Institutions
  •  Rehab Specialists (e.g. OT, PT, psychologists )

    Note : This course is not for SLPs, please refer to for more details on course for the SLPs.

This content is available through the week and viewable at your convenience and the Quiz for each module is to be completed at the end of every module. 

a) Recorded videos of the sessions (by a speech therapist) 

b) Downloadable resources (PDFs / image files) for sharing with parents 

c) Links to valuable online resources 

d) Quiz / Assignments 

Detailed Course Syllabus

The course content has been developed by Team Avaz, in collaboration with a speech therapist, Anjana, bringing in the joint experience of AAC implementation and SLP Practice.

Understanding AAC and Avaz (2.5 hours)

Session 1: Intro to AAC and Avaz as an AAC tool

  • Impact of communication challenges
  • AAC – What is AAC, Types of AAC and Access Methods
  • Myths & Facts of AAC
  • Mindset barriers regarding AAC

Session 2: Starting with Avaz

Avaz Features Demo

  • Setting up Avaz to suit user’s needs – visual, hearing, motor & language
  • Personalising Avaz for user’s interests and environment
  • How to backup Avaz and share content

Strategies for Implementing Avaz in Schools (2.5 hours)

Session 1: Key strategies for teaching communication (modelling, prompting)

  • Modelling
  • Prompting
  • Communicative temptations and Strategies to build language

Session2: Implementing Avaz AAC in Schools using STAMP Framework

  • Setting up school environment for AAC
  • Doing Assessment, goal-setting, creating lesson plans as a Team
  • Ideas for including AAC in classroom activities

Got Questions? Here are the answers

This course is for all special educators and covers all fundamentals of AAC and walks you through all Avaz features and how to implement Avaz in schools.
So, You are welcome to grow your AAC and Avaz expertise through this course.

Here’s the checklist for course particpation:

  • Registration and Payment
  • Download Free Trial Version of Avaz on Your Device
  • A device with stable internet to connect via Trainer Central
  • Clear Audio for participation in Q&A Sessions
  • Each module’s videos will be available online for you to view at your convenience through the week. At the end of the module is the live Q&A session (mandatory to attend) to address any questions related to the module and to discuss the Quiz / assignment questions if required. 
  • All participants get limited-time access to the recorded webinar until the end of the course so that they can review the topics.
  1. There is an online quiz to be taken for each module
  2. Quiz of each module will be available on-demand and you can take it at your convenience within 24 hours.  
  3. If a student does not achieve minimum marks for qualifying, they can re-take the quiz after a minimum of 48 hours

Q&A sessions

  • There are two 1-hour live Q&A sessions (one per module), that are mandatory to attend.

Cancellation policy

  1. 72 hours or more before start of course – Full refund 
  2. Within 72 hours of start of course – 50% refund
  • From the date of the course commencement, there is strictly no refund
    • You can join the course at a later time to continue and complete the course
    • You will be given access to the course content and watch the videos 


The course will include several practical demos of Avaz features. So, please install a free 14-day trial version of Avaz from the app store/ play store. Once the course begins, we will extend the validity of your Avaz app so that it’s active for the entire duration of the course.

Please ensure you use the SAME email id and phone number as you have entered in the course registration form.

To download Avaz app:

For Android users click here –
For iPad users click here –

Please have Avaz installed on your device to practise Avaz implementation during the course.

Avaz runs on the following devices and platforms:

      1) iPads 

Avaz runs on iPads, iPad Minis, iPad Pros 

The minimum configuration is that the iPad should run Apple’s iOS version 11.0 and above.          

2) Android tablets and Android Phones

Recommended Specs: 

– Android ver 8.0 and above
– Screen size – 8″ and above.
– RAM – 2 GB and above
– Internal memory – min 32GB

Minimum Specs: 

– Android ver 7.0
– Screen size – 7″
– RAM – 2GB
– Internal memory – 16GB free space

Write to or call us at +91-6379905790 for any queries related to the course. Help is just a click or call away.

Terms and Conditions

Here’s the fine print of the terms and conditions for your reference:

Medium of Instruction : Will be in ENGLISH only.

Certification: Certification will be provided to all participants who successfully complete the course satisfying the following conditions:

1. Mandatory attendance for the 2 live Q&A sessions
2. A score of 80% and above in all the quizzes
3. Completion of the assignment given at the end of the course with minimum qualifying criteria
4. Quiz & Assignment will be in ENGLISH only, failure to submit due to lack of understanding of the language will make you ineligible to get certified.

Attendance: Attendance for both live Q&A sessions is mandatory

Quiz: Submitting the quiz by the specified date is mandatory. A score of 80% and above is required for certification. In case your score is less, please retake the quiz before the deadline. If you don’t achieve minimum marks for qualifying, you can re-take the quiz after a minimum of 48 hours

Avaz Subscription: An Avaz subscription with a validity of one year will be handed out to all Avaz Certified Educators on successful completion of the course. 

Listing on Avaz Website: On successful completion of course, the special educators and schools shall be listed on the Avaz website as a quick reference to parents, who can directly reach out to them to avail their services.

MALPRACTICES : Malpractice refers to any dishonest or unethical behaviour during the tests – such as cheating, using unauthorized resources, copying someone else’s work, or any other form of academic dishonesty. Malpractice can result in serious consequences, including the invalidation of exam results and denial of certification.

Avaz Inc. is the owner of all the course content. Sharing it with others is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited.