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How can Avaz help your child communicate

Developing communication skills helps kids with Autism live fuller, richer lives.

But how can you make your child’s therapy sessions go farther, so those skills develop even more? To know more, view the webinar.

Basics of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

According to an ATIA (Assistive technology industry association), 74% of professionals do not get pre-service training in AAC.

Meanwhile, the need for AAC has never been greater. More children are being identified with complex communication needs. Checkout this webinar to learn the Basics of AAC.

Demystifying AAC

Specialized AAC jargon makes AAC decisions difficult. Many of the questions that researchers have studied over the last few years are loaded with complex terminology.

This webinar demystifies the concepts around AAC.

Avaz Walkthrough

This is a short, 2 minute tutorial of Avaz. It walks you through how to use the app to communicate, and how to customize the app for a child.

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