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Avaz – why are we increasing the price?

  • Team Avaz 
  • 2 min read

Avaz has been on the App Store for 20 months and we have had tremendous response so far from our customers. A big heartfelt thanks to the people for believing in us and contributing to our success till now.

We have had 2 major updates and several minor ones to improve the app based on customer and expert feedback. The big news is that we will now be shipping with voices from IVONA. IVONA voices have been consistently ranked the best text-to-speech quality in several independent studies, and we are glad to be one of the first AAC vendors to be supporting these wonderful voices.

The other important feature we introduced in our latest version is word morphology, brought to you with the support of Ultralingua. We’ve worked hard to make morphology very user-friendly and accessible, and from the feedback we’ve received so far, many Avaz users have been able to form more complex utterance formation because of this.

The next version of Avaz will also introduce scanning (with iOS7+ switch control) and spelling correction. In addition, the last version introduced features that help customize easily Avaz for the child like the Settings Wizard, and an in-app chat feature to access Avaz support at your fingertips.

In view of the new directions in which we are taking Avaz, we will be increasing the price of Avaz from $99.99 to $149.99. At the new price, Avaz still remains the most cost-effective AAC app. And it’s the only AAC app that has a full-featured free Lite version, so that you can make sure Avaz is the best app for your child before buying it.

We have a fantastic team working on the product and we will be growing in size to support existing and new customers. This price increase will help us fuel new product features and also support our customer relations team. Our focus will still be to ensure that Avaz is the most user-friendly AAC app that adapts easily to a child’s needs.

We are committed to creating products that empower, educate and engage people and we are looking forward to continuing to provide great value to our customers.

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