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Innovative uses of Avaz’s features!

  • Team Avaz 
  • 1 min read

Children with autism have a tough time adapting what they’ve learned in one physical environment (e.g., the therapist’s office or school) to others, including the home. Creating consistency in the child’s environment is the best way to reinforce learning. One important way is to find out what the child’s therapists are doing and continue their strategies and tactics at home. It is vital to transfer learning from one environment to another, through consistency and practise. This helps your child feel more secure, because it creates a consistent and predictable environment.

We have heard some nice stories about therapists using Avaz innovatively to promote consistency. One way is to share backups of Avaz content on Dropbox ( A child using the Avaz app on different iPads at home and school can use the same vocabulary by syncing both iPads to the same Dropbox account. This not only synchronizes the content, but also saves content from being deleted or lost accidentally.

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