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Get the Better of Reading Difficulties with MDA Avaz Reader

Children with Dyslexia may struggle in school due to their reading difficulties. Their academic performance may suffer due to their disability, causing them emotional distress. Assistive tools such as reading apps can do wonders by helping them manage their challenges. By giving  students the tools to work around their difficulties, these apps set them up for success both in schools and their social lives.

download storybooksMDA Avaz Reader is a research-based app that incorporates proven intervention strategies to help struggling readers. The features of the app have been designed to address the most common challenges faced by students in schools. With MDA Avaz Reader, you can read any written text, be it from a storybook, magazine, newspaper or school textbooks. The app also allows you to download exciting books with captivating images that motivate children to read.

Reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension problems are common in children with Dyslexia. In this post, let’s see how to help a child with reading difficulties with the ‘Hint’ feature of MDA Avaz Reader.

Syllable Awareness: 

Syllables are the smaller units that make up words and language. A single syllable has a vowel sound with or without accompanying consonant sounds.

For example, the word ‘eagle’ has two syllables, while the word ‘time’ has only one syllable. The word ‘friends’ has more letters in it than ‘eagle’, but it has only one syllable.

syllable hint
 Syllable Hint

Children with dyslexia may find it difficult to identify the syllables of a word. A parent or teacher can help them by clapping out the individual syllables of the word.

How does MDA Avaz Reader help?

If the child wants help with a particular word while reading a text, they can tap on the ‘Hint’ button to get syllable hints. This helps them understand how the word is broken down into individual syllables. Since they do not need the assistance of a parent or teacher, the ‘Hint’ feature promotes their independence in reading.

Rhyme Awareness:

This is the ability to identify words that have similar or the same sounds in the final stressed syllable. Essentially, the end of the rhyming words sound similar.

For example, the word ‘time’ rhymes with ‘lime’, ‘slime’, ‘mime’, etc.

Rhyming hint
Rhyming words hint

Children with dyslexia can have trouble recognizing rhyming words. However, they can be taught to focus on the end syllables that sound similar.

How does MDA Avaz Reader help?

While reading the story, the child can tap the ‘Hint’ button to see words that rhyme with the current word they are reading. The hint even highlights the syllables that have matching sounds. This helps the child gain an understanding of the connection between the syllables and their sounds. As the child develops their rhyme awareness, they can go on to produce rhyming words. 

Vocabulary Acquisition

Due to the challenges they face, children with dyslexia generally have much less vocabulary at their disposal compared to their peers. One of the best ways to acquire a rich vocabulary is to read. However, children with dyslexia may avoid reading due to the strain it puts on them. The lack of adequate vocabulary affects their comprehension and expressive language. Their difficulties with pronunciation can also prevent them from actively using their existing vocabulary.

picture hint
Picture hint

How does MDA Avaz Reader Help?

Research suggests that visual representation is an effective technique for a child to learn new words and recall them. Attractive and colourful images can spark their curiosity, and can be more engaging than plain text.

MDA Avaz Reader provides picture hints for words. While reading a word, the child can tap the ‘Hint’ button to see the picture hint. Looking at the image corresponding to the word helps them remember the word and what it represents.

MDA Avaz Reader also provides audio clips to teach pronunciation. Children typically learn words with more enthusiasm with such multisensory techniques that include audio and visual clues.

Dyslexics who overcome their challenges and become successful in life, recall their traumatic school experiences caused by their reading difficulties. It is unfortunate that many such children do not achieve anything more than basic literacy. Poor academic performance resulting from their challenges stifles their confidence and stresses them out. Without adequate support, many children with dyslexia suffer from low self-esteem, leading to social and emotional issues. MDA Avaz Reader app is a handy tool that enables children to read independently. This boosts their chances of academic success, and elevates their sense of self-worth.

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