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AAC Everyday: Communication Opportunities in Everyday Life

AAC EverydayIt’s like the world has come to a standstill due to the lockdown across the globe. But we can’t let this affect the AAC learning of children. Now is when they need to communicate more than ever. To let their fears be known. To convey their irritability and frustrations due to the change in routines. Or for those little ones who like to see the brighter side of things to tell you how much they’re enjoying spending time with family. 

For AAC users, the lack of access to their regular therapy sessions can stall their progress. The last thing we want is for an user who was picking up key AAC skills to lose their way due to inconsistent AAC use. We need to find ways to get them to use AAC. The advice to keep communicating and modelling still holds true. But with parents having to work from home and taking care of children staying indoors all day, they may be at a loss on how to continue the AAC learning. 

So what if AAC use can be incorporated into daily activities? There are many simple and effective ways to do just that.  We are putting together a few ideas for you. New ideas added every week! So here goes –

AAC Everyday
AAC in the Kitchen
AAC during Exercise
AAC During Exercise
AAC and Anecdotes
AAC and Anecdotes
Daily Reflections with AAC

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