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How to use Avaz with your Child

Well, the first step to getting your child to use Avaz is for YOU to start using it. When you talk to your child try to simultaneously tap the most important words in the sentence on the app, to speak it out. While Avaz has a wide range of words, you can start with a small set of words, to begin with. Even if you use only 3 words, make sure you use them when you talk to your child. Try to demonstrate or model at a level that does not overwhelm your child. At the same time, do this without presuming too low a level of understanding

Pro Tip: Most parents and caregivers start with the words STOP, MORE and DIFFERENT. Next, you can then move on to simple 2-word phrases. For example, MORE JUICE, GO PARK, DIFFERENT GAME and STOP PLAY. 

To get a better idea about how you can do this, watch how Ms. Nimisha uses Avaz while speaking to a child and pauses for the child to respond. 

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Happy Communicating!