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cerebral palsy and aac
Avaz AAC | Cerebral Palsy | Eye Gaze | inclusive education | Language Skills | Special needs resources | Speech Therapy

Cerebral Palsy and AAC

Can AAC support those with cerebral palsy to communicate? This blog answers this very important question. AAC for Cerebral Palsy Communication is one of the most valuable assets we have as humans. So much so that we think ability to… 

echolalia and emotions feature
Autism | Autism & AAC | Avaz AAC | Expressive Tones on Avaz | Social Skills | Special needs resources | Speech Therapy

Echolalia & Emotions: What You Need to Know

What can echolalia tell us about the emotions of a person? We focus a lot on decoding what echolalia means functionally. But do we pay attention to the emotions that are being conveyed through it? In this blog we explore…